Sunday, April 3, 2011


i hate today! we're face difficulties since morning.... =( what a dayyyy....actually we're having a good morning today....pegi pasar pagi kt shah sgt...but, it turn bad when we're goin to our own home....hmmmm....tettttt!!! xmau cita bad story! it make me feel angry and sad at the same time! ok stop here!

after having a lot of difficulties...(disebabkn kedegilan sniri) we try to positive ourself by going to IKEA utk cuci2 mata n menangkan hati yg lara...(wlpn dh tau, p IKEA lg skit ati sbb xbley beli...) tgk uppa excited n starting to smile again make my heart feel good again... here ada koleksi picture uppa yg tgh excited...

we're having good time in there wlpn kaki dh sakit...paling best bile uppa ckp dia mula berangan to our future plan...having our own home...great! he's start to imagine how to design our home nnt...(dh senyum srg2)..^___^....hmm...

dear uppa,
i know im not good enough to u...but i try my best to make u feel comfortable each time u see me..u know me well...u know i'll stand by u no matter what happen to u...i try to understand ur probs,n try to make u forget all ur probs when u're with me...let them say what ever they want..we know each other sorry coz sometimes i make u angry with sorry coz sometimes i cant understand bad....i hope we will not facing this kind of probs again!

p/s: -sorry kamera xmemuaskn sbb kamera cabok!
pkaian uppa agak selekeh sbb dah serabut dgn probs.. =(


  1. s0b s0b s0b...cheekk nk p ikea

  2. mone>jom2...
    fasha>therapy menghlangkn tekanan....

  3. fasha tak leh terapi gitu,lagi tekanan!!hihihi