Wednesday, November 23, 2011

one step closer....

hye...its been a long time i didn't write anything here...haha...

okay! topic for today is my Engagement day...alhamdulillah majlis berjalan lancar...i would like to say a million thanx to my family, my auntie, my sisters, my bff, my future family in law (hakhak),& to all yg attend my e-day..THANK YOU SO MUCH!! tanpa mereka semua my majlis xkn sempurna....hanya ALLAH s.w.t yg dpt balas jasa mereka officially i dh jd tunangan UPPA...:p hope our dream comes true....insyallah...pray for us fwen.. =D

now bley cuci2 mata tgk gmbr msa majlis.. =)

<3 u fiance


<3 my bff

happy besday to abah, uppa, adik & kaklong <3

keluarga 2 belah pihak

<3 u all damn much!

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